For Professionals

For Professionals

At Hilton Nursing Partners, we support acute NHS trusts, Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups by providing a rapid and cost-effective hospital discharge service. We are one of the first external ‘Discharge to Assess’ providers and our service has produced excellent positive outcomes and fantastic feedback from both patients and commissioners.

"Setting the standard in hospital discharge and patient recovery services"

As a partnership with key stake holders we successfully deliver safe and timely hospital discharges, patient assessments and patient recovery programmes. We have a proven track record in freeing up hospital beds, as well as reducing re-admissions and ongoing social services support. We track patient recovery over the post-discharge period to provide the compelling evidence you need to make your commissioning decisions.

Our revolutionary service assesses patients to ensure wellbeing and recovery is at the heart of every discharge.

By establishing a recovery programme which is sensitive to the physical, emotional and social needs of the patient, discharge to recovery is tailored to each individual patient.

Hilton Nursing Partners follow a robust Clinical Governance framework that goes above and beyond regulatory requirements.

We are CQC registered for all healthcare and nursing activity. We promote an open culture of no compromise on safety and quality.

Our partners range from NHS Trusts to regional County Councils. Click here to enquire or view our full list of partners.

Home to Decide provides intensive, short term, person centred support for up to 14 days to establish whether patients could continue to live independently after Hospital discharge.

For all comissioning enquiries, email Ann Taylor CEO here: