Hilton Assurance of Quality

Hilton Assurance of Quality

Our Committed Hilton Assurance of Quality

Our committed leadership team have broad experience and knowledge in Health and Social Care and follow a robust Clinical Governance framework. Hilton Nursing Partners is CQC registered for all healthcare and nursing activity, including ‘Treatment of Disease, Disorder and Injury’ and ‘Personal Care’.


Quality assurance is provided in the following:

  • The Hilton partnership model is unique to our organisation where all staff members become partners after a qualifying period, take ownership of their organisation and service, and drive quality to promote their own reputation and standards.
  • Monthly internal audits to monitor and identify themes and trends to inform the Hilton continual improvement programme for patient safety and quality.
  • A robust business continuity plan used as a live document for senior management to access when required and reviewed in line with the CGG Board terms of reference.
  • Pride and ownership of the Hilton Model by all partners with an open culture of no compromise on safety and quality.
  • Using patient and staff feedback our organisation is sculptured and developed to ensure service design continues to evolve to meet our patient and staff aspirations.

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