Hilton Vision and Values

Hilton Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

An integrated approach to healthcare is at the heart of everything Hilton Nursing Partners does. It was the basis on which the post-hospital care service was established.

The vision for Hilton Nursing Partners was born when Ann Taylor, the CEO of Hilton Nursing Partners, personally experienced the gap between a public health intervention and the level of care provided. Through research identifying frustrations from both professionals, and NHS patients’ family members, Ann created a model which combined a system to deliver both healthcare and social care, which ensured the best outcomes for each party involved.

Hilton Nursing Partners identified quickly that the only way to deal with delayed transfers of care, was to build strong relationships with the NHS, and to develop a partnership within the system. The primary focus was to strategically understand the system as it was, and to analyse the gap which needed to be filled. Hilton Nursing Partners would support key partners by filling this gap, to lead to a comprehensive health and social care approach. Hilton Nursing Partners’ positioning demonstrates true partnership; it is not a threat to any other services, but instead an added support network to the NHS.

Hilton Nursing Partners ensures that the right level of care is catered to each patient. When a referral is received by a Hilton partner, the individual patient becomes a priority. A bespoke programme is put in place, tailored to the patient’s health, choice and well-being – with safety and satisfaction a precedence throughout their journey with Hilton.

In addition to optimising the patient’s level of care, Hilton Nursing Partners goes a step further to look after their wellbeing – building confidence and independence for their return home. Hilton Nursing Partners’ care assistants’ home visit call times are not timed, creating the opportunity to ensure the right care is provided to help reach the desired outcome.

This support means the patient and their family is fully involved in making decisions regarding their health, recovery and continued support if needed. Hilton Nursing Partners works in collaboration with NHS healthcare parties and local authorities, to ensure patients receive solutions for their health and wellbeing, managing long-term conditions even after Hilton is no longer required.

Our Vision

Nurse led discharge & healthcare tailored to each individual patient

Our Values