What Happens Next

What Happens Next

Throughout your recovery, our nurse led team will work closely with you to understand your individual needs and ensure you receive any further support you may require. It is our role to ensure you are referred to the appropriate next service to meet you on going requirements. As health care professionals we are able to monitor your vital signs, medication management support and offer solutions for advanced health monitoring technology. We also use the latest technology to monitor and record your ongoing progress throughout your Hilton journey.


Identifying further support

On day 3 a Hilton nurse led assessor will visit to carry out a holistic assessment. This will measure your progress and identify any further long-term or on-going support which you may require.

If you are in need of on-going support from a health or social care provider, we will sign post you to the appropriate services within your local area and assist with the necessary arrangements. Our service will end once the new service provision is arranged, ensuring continuity of care.

Those of our patients that recover without needing any further support will be informed of the end of service arrangements and any community networks that may be beneficial to maintain your ongoing well being. . As our service comes to an end, all patients have an opportunity to give us feedback on their experience with Hilton Nursing Partners.