Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Our Learning and Development Department consists of experienced, enthusiastic and engaging trainers with a varied clinical and educational background. They work hard to design and deliver training courses and programmes, with ongoing evaluation and course development to ensure the organisation achieves its strategic objectives.

Hilton Nursing Partners celebrates the wealth of experience and skill within the organisation and utilises this by encouraging employees from all departments to take part in the delivery of learning opportunities, from being mentors and reflective partners to leading training sessions.

The department keeps up to date with news and developments in the world of health and social care, and share these with the whole organisation to promote best practice and engagement with the industry. This includes working within the Social Care Commitment and as a Dignity Champion.

As a partner, you will be given access to a wide portfolio of education and training opportunities starting with your induction.

Comprehensive core induction

New team members complete a comprehensive 2-week induction programme. The induction has been developed using the Skills for Care ‘Care Certificate’ to ensure all new staff meet the national minimum requirements for induction in a health and social care setting. The induction programme is adapted to meet the individual requirements of the various roles within Hilton Nursing Partners, taking into consideration existing qualifications and professional experience.

The induction programme for Personal Nursing Assistants and Assessors includes:

  • 7 days in the classroom covering the 15 Care Certificate standards
  • 3 days in induction practice with tasks to complete
  • Skills training in Medication Awareness, Moving & Handling and Basic Life Support
  • Training around Hilton Nursing Partners core philosophy and agreed ways of working
  • IT skills training
  • Support to complete the Care Certificate within 12 weeks

There is a strong emphasis on continuing professional development and staff are supported to reflect on practice and learning, both individually and as a group. The induction exercises and assessments provide a good opportunity for the trainers to examine the staff’s core skills in literacy, numeracy and communication.

Mandatory training

Mandatory training at Hilton Nursing Partners is monitored using the NMDS-SC system. It is delivered through a combination of face to face sessions and accredited e-learning. The face to face sessions refresh knowledge and skills and the trainers facilitate group reflection of experiences and events. Regular sessions are allocated monthly, and the Learning & Development Department collaborate with team leaders to deliver customised refresher sessions where required.

Role specific training

The Learning & Development Department have developed additional training programmes to enhance knowledge and skills for specific roles within Hilton Nursing Department. We have built links with partners and use experienced accredited providers to deliver training.

These include:

  • Assessor Training
  • Advanced Medication
  • Physical Health training including Vital Observations Training
  • Effective Appraisals and Supervisions
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership and Management Skills
  • Vocational qualifications

Hilton Nursing Partner Champions

We have developed teams of ‘champions’ in Hilton for infection control, tissue viability, mental health, dementia and end of life care. The champions meet quarterly to discuss new innovations and then share their knowledge within their teams. They make contacts in the local communities and are included in the development of policies and processes in organisation.


All members of staff receive regular supervision from their line manager to ensure every member of the team has protected time to discuss their role and development.

The clinical professionals within Hilton Nursing Partners attend a quarterly clinical supervision group. Each meeting has a subject focus which is shared beforehand with a variety of resources including peer reviewed studies, professional journal articles and multimedia. The group is facilitated by the Learning and Development Manager, and the members are supported to reflect on the resources and experiences, identifying how it has impacted on their practice and service delivery.

The clinical team leaders also have bi-monthly individual clinical supervision with the Head of Health, Quality and Clinical Governance.

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