Discharge to Assess

Discharge to Assess

Discharge to Assess Services from Hilton

As one of the first external ‘Discharge to Assess’ providers, we have a wealth of experience. Working together with Clinical Commissioning Groups, Acute NHS Trusts and Local Authorities, we shape and provide an integrated service across health and social care. Tailored to each local commissioner’s requirements. Our revolutionary service ensures that patient well-being and recovery is at the heart of every discharge.

The NHS advises that patients are to be moved out of hospital as soon as it is clinically safe to do so. It’s important to strike a balance between minimising delays and making sure not to discharge a patient before they are clinically ready. By caring for people in their homes or community rather than in hospital, substantial savings could be put towards other parts of the health and social care system.

The process

Our service discharges patients in a timely and safe manner, and supports the NHS by providing a solution to bed pressures.

The Hilton team will meet a patient and their family in hospital, to help arrange their discharge; from initial assessment, to planning their care and arranging transport from the hospital to their home.

Once home the patient will receive the unique Hilton Discharge to Assess support package, which includes a comprehensive suite of assessments and recovery programme tailored to their individual requirements, all overseen by our Nurse led Team Leaders.

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