Well known for innovating alternative care models, Hilton Nursing Partners have appointed their very own Transformation Lead to address new ways of working as we come out of the pandemic.

Further developing alternative care paths for patients, newly appointed Transformation Lead, Michelle Ford, is working hand-in-hand with Ann Taylor, CEO, and innovator of the Hilton Nursing care model, to further focus on positive healthcare pathways for individuals.

The company can already boast a varied and much tried and tested model of working collaboratively with the health and social care sector delivering dynamic patient health solutions, particularly in patient recovery for individuals leaving hospital.

The first to work collaboratively with the NHS to innovate around Delayed Transfers of Care, or more commonly referred to as Bed Blocking, the company uses it’s nursing led skills and principles to engage with a patient’s recovery in their own home working with therapists and patients to maximize rehabilitation and recovery goals.

It seems timely, now post-covid, for the company to look at what the new normal might be, especially now social care reform is well and truly on the political agenda with a much-needed requirement for a more fluid and connected health and social care service.

Chris Ham, co-chair of the NHS Assembly, chair of the Coventry and Warwickshire Health and Care Partnership, and non-executive director of the Royal Free London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is quoted in the British Medical Journal as saying: “it is vital to remember that many of the benefits of integrated care occur when teams focus on joining up care. Examples include discharging patients through collaboration between hospitals, community health services and social care, caring for patients with mental health needs through psychiatric liaison teams in acute hospitals, and providing rapid access to specialist advice when general practices work closely with hospital colleagues. Team working across organisations and services is the building block of integrated care.”

Quoting there from the BMJ what for many years Hilton have been delivering, the company is fine-tuning its models of integrated healthcare to be ready for the extra demand.

From supporting patients post stroke, and those with long term health conditions, to end of life care, Hilton are successfully working with Local Authorities, CCG’s, and individual hospitals, delivering integrated care.

Ann Taylor, CEO at Hilton Nursing Partners says: “We’ve always worked in partnership with our NHS partners, built on trust and a good working relationship, we have proved our unique models of care work. Now with Michelle’s experience we are able to expand our integrated services and develop a broader solution to achieve and improve patient outcomes.

Michelle Ford, Transformation Lead at Hilton Nursing Partners says: “We are seeing and experiencing daily the detrimental effect lockdown has had mentally on the extremely vulnerable. Come the 1st April clinically extremely vulnerable people in England will no longer need to shield, leaving them able to follow the national restrictions like the rest of the population. However, as already experienced by the company, many of those vulnerable individuals are facing the prospect of coming out of lockdown with fear. They’re not ready to face this new world, certainly not on their own.

“Our focus has to be an holistic approach to wellbeing, including mental health. A lot of the individuals we support have very complex needs due to the effects of lockdown. If anything, the ‘new normal’ is going to be anything but normal, but we are ready to address the complexities of patient care within our own unique models of integrated care.”

Hilton Nursing Partners is an award-winning nurse led health and social care provider. Rated as “Outstanding” by CQC. Hilton Nursing Partners has established itself as an innovator in hospital discharge and patient recovery services since taking on its first patient in February 2015.