Hilton Nurisng Partners Feature In Pandemic Podcast

Hilton Nurisng Partners Feature In Pandemic Podcast

Hilton Nurisng Partners Feature In Pandemic Podcast

Hilton Nurisng Partners feature in the Kent Care Hub Frontline Stories pandemic podcast

Listen to the experiences of Hilton Team Leader Sarah Plunkett who oversees care assessments after people are discharged from Tunbridge Wells & Maidstone Hospitals and how she handled delivering care and support in the community during the pandemic.

Anne Taylor, CEO of Hilton Nursing Partners says: ” I am so very pleased that Hilton Nursing Partners are part of the Frontline Stories podcast from the Kent Care Hub. This last year, and more, has been like no other. Sharing our experiences and raising awareness about how we mobilised ourselves and handled the pandemic has been quite cathartic. But more than that, it’s been really good to share experiences to a wider audience raising awareness and hopefully generating more understanding around what the social care sector were actually faced with.”

Designed collaboratively by Kent County Council, Kent integrated Care Alliance and the National Care Association. The purpose of the Kent Care Hub is to bring together expertise and information to help all sectors, Health, Social Care and Voluntary Organisations, to combat the threat of Covid-19 coronavirus.

Listen here to the Hilton Nursing Nursing podcast and many more from the sector around Kent:


Hilton Nursing Partners is an award-winning nurse led health and social care provider. Rated as “Outstanding” by CQC. Hilton Nursing Partners has established itself as an innovator in hospital discharge and patient recovery services since taking on its first patient in February 2015.

The Hilton way focuses on five values, courage, enabling choice, innovation, trust, and compassion. This translates to empathy for each other, the differing roles people have, and the contribution everyone makes to deliver the CQC rated Outstanding Hilton Nursing services.