Hilton Nursing Partners Collaborates with East Kent Colleges Group

Hilton Nursing Partners Collaborates with East Kent Colleges Group

Hilton Nursing Partners Collaborates with East Kent Colleges Group

Hilton Nursing Partners is working with East Kent Colleges Group students to offer vital work placements in a bid to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application in the healthcare sector.

Hilton Nursing Partners, a CQC ‘Outstanding’ health care provider, has teamed up with the Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ college group to help develop the next generation of skilled practitioners with inspirational learning opportunities through invaluable work placement opportunities for students.

The collaboration aims to equip aspiring healthcare professionals with essential skills and hands-on experience vital for their future careers.

 Students from East Kent Colleges Group’s EKC Ashford College were recently given the opportunity to participate in work placement sessions organised by Hilton Nursing Partners. The sessions covered a range of crucial topics including RESTORE2, Basic Life Support, and Moving and Positioning techniques. Each student was provided with a first aid kit, hand sanitizer, and a Hilton-branded pen to aid their learning and future practice.

The initiative received fantastic feedback from the students, with many expressing gratitude for the enriching experience they gained. When speaking with the Health and Social Care students, Scarlett Trott said: “this was an incredible experience and gave me so much more insight into a possible future career pathway.” Paris Omar commented: “the team at Hilton Nursing Partners were fantastic and I’m really excited about taking the next steps toward my career.”

Hilton Nursing Partners Learning and Development Operations Manager Emma Rutterford-Dawkins Says: “We are thrilled to have partnered with East Kent Colleges Group to launch this work placement programme. It’s a true joy to see how these opportunities not only enhance student learning but also invigorate our team with fresh perspectives. Creating practical, hands-on experiences in the healthcare sector helps students realise the impactful careers they can pursue. It’s gratifying to be part of their journey. We look forward to continuing this partnership and nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals.”Top of FormBottom of Form

This collaboration not only benefits the students by providing them with real-world exposure but also serves as a testament to Hilton Nursing Partners’ commitment to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. By fostering such partnerships, both organisations are actively contributing to the development of a skilled and competent healthcare workforce, ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care in the region.

Gemma Wise, Industry Liaison Officer at EKC Ashford College said: “It is fantastic to be working so closely with such a trusted and highly regarded healthcare provider.