Our Services

Our Services

Hilton proudly believes that every patient is a person who deserves the right to go home.  We offer a range of private patient care services – from safe and timely hospital discharges with patient assessments, to patient recovery programmes such as stroke rehabilitation.

We have a proven track record in freeing up hospital beds, as well as reducing re-admissions and ongoing social services support. We track patient recovery over the post-discharge period to provide the reassurance and support you need as a family.

NHS and Local Authority Commissioned Services

Home First

Discharge to Assess services that help individuals transition from hospital to home. Our comprehensive service not only supports patients in their recovery journey at home, but also conducts thorough assessments for social care needs, ultimately reducing hospital stays.

Discharge Gap Services

Specialist services to support the discharge of more complex patients, to provide admission avoidance and to support hospitals at times of hospital bed crisis.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Hilton Nursing Partners work jointly with the Stroke Therapists, providing both care and therapy following a stroke, in a rehabilitation at home programme.

Privately Funded Services

Hilton Home Care

Expert care in your own home. Tailored support Preserving your independence Integrity and compassion in every visit. Click the button above to learn about the Hilton Home Care Service.

Home Assured

From round-the-clock support to specialised rehabilitation care plans designed to meet individual requirements, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

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