Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance


Hilton Nursing Partners continuously monitors clinical governance activity through its Clinical Governance and Risk Group. Its main purpose is to help us monitor the quality of care we are delivering and ensure patients always remain our main focus and priority.

Clinical Governance has several main themes:

  • Patient experience
  • Strategic capacity and capability
  • Risk management
  • Staff management and performance
  • Education, training and continuous professional development
  • Clinical audit and effectiveness


The Group draw upon best practice models and involve Hilton Nursing Partners, patients and patient groups where necessary. The Group is responsible for promoting Clinical Governance to make sure it is embedded in all elements of the company’s operations; ensuring all partners understand the role of Clinical Governance in continually improving the quality of care and patient experience.


It is ultimately the responsibility of the Board for the care that is delivered in Hilton Nursing Partners. However, it is also the responsibility of everyone involved in patient care to support clinical governance activity. There is a part for everyone to play in the developing, delivering and monitoring of the high-quality services we provide.

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