Sonny Dhatt

Sonny Dhatt

Sonny Dhatt – Head of Systems and Communications

With 12 years of Care Management experience, Sonny has vital skills in hands-on administration that maximises organisational effectiveness, and demonstrates operations-oriented leadership that ensures efficiency and people-oriented guidance that yields productivity.

Sonny Dhatt has worked at all levels during his 12 years within the health care sector, from Coordinator, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, Operations Director and Systems Director

Sonny has a particular interest in IT rostering systems and has gained vast experience in using a number of rostering systems at system admin level. Sonny believes the key to running a successful health care and nursing business is having the appropriate tools and maximizing on their potential to increase efficiencies and improving outcomes for office staff, field based staff and patients equal

Hilton Nursing Partners Community Support Provider of the Year
Head Systems and Communications