Promotion Takes on New Strategic Role in Patient Recovery

Promotion Takes on New Strategic Role in Patient Recovery

Promotion Takes on New Strategic Role in Patient Recovery

As we steadily ease our way out of the lockdown roadmap, John Taylor, former service coordinator manager at Hilton Nursing Partners, starts his new position as Operations Manager, crucial in mobilising the company’s community services.


John’s new role will develop the company’s commitment to build on its transformative care models providing patient recovery outside of a hospital setting preferring the more positive environment of a patient’s own home.

John will be responsible for overseeing all day-to-day services across Kent, Essex and Kingston upon Thames, which are; Discharge to Assess, Home to Decide, and Stroke Recovery, helping team leaders maintain and deliver outstanding patient recovery to the current (how many) customers in their care.

John Taylor, newly appointed Operation Manager had this to say: “I’m really happy to be taking on this challenging new role. I’m very keen to make sure staff are not distracted from delivering an outstanding service and are enabled to do their best every day. Already streamlining for more lean and effective working procedures, my role really is to help staff complete their roles and deliver them in a way they would like, allowing them to do what they do best, whilst leaving me to the bits they don’t need to worry about. I see it as a critical part of developing our unique patient recovery services. Knowing our patient care teams are working to the best of their ability provides huge satisfaction, it’s an incredibly positive step as we continue to grow and develop our hugely beneficial ‘at home’ recovery services.”

The Hilton way focuses on five values, courage, enabling choice, innovation, trust, and compassion. This translates to empathy for each other, the differing roles people have, and the contribution everyone makes to deliver the CQC rated Outstanding Hilton Nursing services.

Hilton Nursing Partners is an award-winning nurse led health and social care provider. Rated as “Outstanding” by CQC. Hilton Nursing Partners has established itself as an innovator in hospital discharge and patient recovery services since taking on its first patient in February 2015.