A Day in the Life of a Hospital Discharge Co-ordinator

A Day in the Life of a Hospital Discharge Co-ordinator

A Day in the Life of a Hospital Discharge Co-ordinator

As a Hospital Discharge Co-ordinator at Hilton Nursing Partners, the role is to ensure that all our personal nursing assistants (PNAs) are co-ordinated to provide person-centred care for their patients. It is also to assure that all our communication is integrated – any healthcare delivered after Hilton Nursing Partners’ service is best informed by our concise communication after discharge.

Rachel, one of our Hospital Discharge Co-ordinators, shares her account of her crucial role at Hilton Nursing Partners.

“Within my role as Co-ordinator I cover the East Kent and West Kent areas. My working day starts at 8am where I will have received a handover from the night team. All Hospital Discharge co-ordinators check this as soon as we get to work, to establish what our patients’ needs are for that day. All their necessary details are then available for us to access at any time.

From 8am onwards we have phone calls coming through from hospitals regarding patient discharges. We log all the details and wait for each patient’s referral information to be sent via email. We work in teams within the department, and split the responsibilities. For example, one of us will collate the referral data, and another will prepare the notes for whoever will take over when our shift finishes. This way, every Hilton Nursing Partners Hospital Discharge co-ordinator has the same understanding of each patient’s condition and requirements, and our approach is synchronised.

When patient assessment data is received as part of the referral from our assessors, we send the details off as soon as we can to the respective healthcare or social care professionals who will provide ongoing care moving forward for each patient. During the afternoon we begin to create rotas for the PNAs. We type up this data and ensure timetables go out via email to the teams. We then begin to collate patient data into spreadsheets based on the day’s updates.

Our job requires a great level of organisation. We are always multitasking and managing various responsibilities. Often you can be working on one task and an urgent phone call could lead you to deal with a different situation immediately.

Patience is also an essential skill. You should always be willing to listen to patients, their family and staff and other healthcare professionals and offer empathy and practical solutions to their needs. Communication skills are also critical within our approach to integrated care.

Working at Hilton Nursing Partners is great! I love the people I work with as there is such a positive atmosphere in the office. We all have a ‘can-do’ attitude, and work as a strong team together. We are proud to have high quality standards which we collectively strive for and to have access to continuous improvement opportunities.”