Hilton Occupational Therapy Case Study – Eleanor

Hilton Occupational Therapy Case Study – Eleanor

Hilton Occupational Therapy Case Study – Eleanor

I visited a gentleman who was worried as he was unable to top up his card for electricity and gas which he had always been able to do himself prior to his hospital admission. I went out with Assessor Jo to assess his mobility because he had 2 steps from his flat to reach his mobility scooter. I assessed his mobility indoors to see what I could do to support once Hilton Nursing Partners signs him off.

After a discussion about what was making him feel anxious about the outdoor mobility and the fact that he normally climbs the stairs sideways so that he can hold onto the wall beside the stairs, we decided to try climbing the stairs as that might be able to help.

Assessor Jo supported by standing in front of him, and I supported by following him up the stairs providing him with encouragement and praise along the way. When we got to the top he stated that he felt that he was a bit concerned about what would happen next as he fell outside the front of his property. Reassurance was provided, and we stated that we could always return to the property if he feels that he would like to do so.

He managed to transfer into the mobility scooter and from there travelled to the shop. We assisted him in the shop by carrying the basket for him whilst he chose what food he required. I was pleased to see that he was able to process and problem solve independently as he had appeared to be muddled at the time, however, this could have been due to low confidence in his ability to mobilise to the shop. He was able to decide how much money he wanted to put on each card and paid for his shopping. He also decided that he needed to take money out of the cash point and did so without any support.

He drove his mobility scooter back to the property and mobilised down the stairs with further support. Once back in the property he reported that he was afraid that he would fall again. We discussed these concerns, making a plan to refer to Physiotherapy for ongoing support and getting a ramp to use his mobility scooter at the bottom of the steps. Assessor Jo contacted Care Navigators and discovered that they have a service for younger adults – as he is in his 50s – so that he could have support getting to the shop in his mobility scooter.

He has since had the confidence to mobilise without having us there to support him and has the confidence to feel that he has no ongoing needs. When our service finishes he will be fully independent.

This demonstrates how we at Hilton can adapt to our patients’ needs to create top-class patient centred care as a matter of everyday practice.