Rising Star – Sarah P

Rising Star – Sarah P

Rising Star – Sarah P

Sarah is a Team Leader at Hilton Nursing Partners, within the West Kent radius, where she has 17 Personal Nursing Assistants (PNAs) and Assessors within her team. She became Team Leader after developing internally from the role of a Hospital Assessor at both Maidstone and Tonbridge hospitals for Hilton Nursing Partners.

Sarah is an integral employee at Hilton Nursing Partners, with responsibilities for supporting her team through planning and mentoring, whilst helping to guide them with constructive learning and development. She works as part of the team to deliver person focused healthcare to those being discharged from hospitals.

Here, Sarah discusses her career journey so far, and how she got to where she is today.

Career Journey

“When I left secondary school at the age of 16, I went into working in a care home. At this stage in my life my ambition was to become a nurse or midwife, but after working in the care home environment I realised how much I loved working with the elderly. It was here that I became a Senior Carer, with responsibilities for medication, staff and administration.

I am proud to have been one of the first carers in Kent to have completed NVQ Training at levels 2 and 3, and to have then been offered a job role by City & Guilds to be a NVQ Assessor. After developing in this role for some time, I decided to take a break from my career to start a family.

After a 10-year hiatus, I joined Country Care as a Co-Ordinator, with flexible working hours. This allowed me to manage my career whilst still being able to invest time into my family life. After 7 years, I took a break to support and care for my husband full-time whilst he was unwell.

When I returned to work part-time, the opportunity to join Hilton Nursing Partners was presented to me. At the time Hilton had a care agency in Tonbridge, where I worked 20 hours per week. Hilton Nursing Partners’ model had not long been in operation, but I had heard about its new service to offer patients the opportunity to come home earlier than they had previously been able to – safely and with the appropriate level of care. I therefore started working with Hilton at Maidstone Hospital as a Hospital Assessor, before moving to Tunbridge Wells Hospital. It was here that I helped to build the reputation of Hilton for around 18 months before applying to become a Team Leader.

I was honoured to take this role, which grew my confidence massively. It felt great to be recognised as a candidate to lead a team with guidance and support. I still get to do the job I love and deliver person focused care, with an added advantage. This is very gratifying.”

What is it like to work at Hilton Nursing Partners?

“Everybody who works at Hilton Nursing Partners is like a family. There is endless support and encouragement. We champion each other and demonstrate that we are proud of the jobs that we do every day. When working to get people out of hospital and back into the community, you receive so much gratitude from patients and know that you are potentially changing their future health for the better – it is very rewarding. It is a very unique nature of business, and I couldn’t see myself in a different industry now.

Those passionate about delivering a consistently high level of care and to get people out of hospital as soon as medically possible, should consider a career with Hilton Nursing Partners. You will not turn back!”

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