We’ve Launched Our Ukrainian Relief Initiative

We’ve Launched Our Ukrainian Relief Initiative

We’ve Launched Our Ukrainian Relief Initiative

No one can be unmoved by the death and devastation resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or by the bravery displayed by Ukrainians. The humanitarian crisis of over 1.5 million refugees causes significant issues with supply of medication, essential supplies and accommodation in those neighbouring countries welcoming Ukrainians. It is particularly hard to think about those in Ukraine who are similar to the patients we support. They may have limited mobility or may not understand what is happening around them. It is often not possible for them to leave areas that are under constant bombardment where the water and electricity supplies are under threat. Vulnerable individuals are at particular risk, and they desperately need all the support and assistance that we can offer.

We recognise that many of you will want to support the Ukrainian population and may already have done so. We have identified a number of options that would significantly increase any contribution you wish to make. We will do this by matching donations you make, and passing the money on to the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), which is co-ordinating fund raising for major charities.

1. Payroll donation
You can make a donation directly through payroll. A £10 donation from everyone would be £1,500 which the company would double to £3,000 and the government may double again to £6,000. Any donation you make will be from pre tax salary. This means that a £10 donation could reduce take home pay by just £6.80 for a basic rate taxpayer.

2. Fundraising initiatives
We would also support any fundraising initiatives run by you and your colleagues by doubling the amount raised. Anything legal is fine, and good taste is optional. Let us know your plans and we’ll do what we can to support you.

3. Pet solidarity
One of the consequences of people leaving their homes so quickly is that they are sadly unable to take pets with them. Your pets can show solidarity with a Ukrainian you and your pets. We will make a £10 donation for every employee that sends in a Ukrainian themed photo with their pets.

In addition, we intend to ensure that no businesses we trade with continue to do business in Russia. This is because sanctions that hit the Russian economy can force changes in Russian leadership. Microsoft have already publicly confirmed that they have withdrawn from Russia, and we will ask for confirmation from other suppliers who have not made public statements.

We look forward to working with you to raise a significant sum. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other ideas.